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  • What is Simply Status®?

Simply Status® is a task management application for individuals and managers. It provides a simple way for

individuals to keep track of the tasks they work on, while at the same time, keep their manager up to date with their status.

  • How much does Simply Status® cost?

Simply Status® is free to try. No credit card is needed during the trial. The pricing model has not been established.

So it is 100% free until we set pricing.

  • Where can I download Simply Status®?
  • Does Simply Status® have a web interface?
No, Simply Status® does not currently have a web interface for task management. Only team subscriptions can be managed via the web site.
  • Where is the data stored for Simply Status®?

All data is stored on our servers. No data is stored on you computer. Only basic configuration information

(like last window position) is stored in the registry. Last login information is stored encrypted in the registry.

  • Is my data 'Safe' on the Simply Status® servers?
  •     The data on the Simply Status® servers is backed up off-site at regular intervals, so in the event of a
  •        crash, we can restore your data.
  •     The data stored in the Simply Status® database is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption, before it goes
  •        into the database. This ensures the data is useless in the event our database is hacked. Additionally, we
  •        allow you to use your own 'team password' for this data, making it impossible for anyone other than you
  •        and your team members to decrypt the data. This password must be entered during login to encrypt and
  •        decrypt your teams data.
  • Will Simply Status® use my data for marketing?
No. We will not use your data or email addresses for marketing.
  • Are attachments / files encrypted?
Yes. Files that are attached to tasks are encrypted the same as all the other data in the team. If standard security is used, it is encrypted with the server password. If advanced security is used, it is encrypted on your computer with the 'team password' before being transferred to the server. The data is also encrypted via HTTPS during the transfer to the server.
  • Does Simply Status® work on HTTP or HTTPS?

Simply Status® operates over HTTPS. All data is encrypted with 128 bit encryption while in transit between the

client and server.

  • How many teams can I create or join?
There is no limit on the number of teams you can create or join.