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Why Simply Status?

  • What is Simply Status®?

Simply Status® is a small application that sits on your desktop and lets you manage your work to-do tasks. When you update your status, it is encrypted and stored on our cloud server. If your manager is a member of the team, your status is instantly communicated with them. So, Simply Status® is an online to-do application that allows individuals track their own tasks, and optionally track your entire teams tasks in communication with your manager.

  • The start of Simply Status®

Years ago, I identified a major problem in the workplace:

  • What is the best way to keep track of my daily to-do tasks?
  • Notepad?
  • Pen and Paper?
  • Online?
  • Once I create my to-do task list, what is the best way to communicate it with my manager?
  • Daily or Weekly Meetings?
  • Emailing Weekly Status Reports?
  • How can I keep my data private if it is stored online?

Having worked for many large companies, I found that most of the time tasks and to-do items are tracked with pen and paper or inside notepad by employee's, and the manager merges them into a spreadsheet during weekly meetings or when they view status reports.

On one of my recent projects, my manager scheduled a meeting every morning to review our highest priority and to check our status. I found these daily meetings made the team much more efficient, but had to question why my manager even had to ask. Why did my manager not already know our highest priority and status. If we were writing our status and communicating it at a meeting (or over email) so our manager could write it down...why do we both have to write and re-write the status?

There has got to be a better way.

Client View

And so I envisioned having a small box at the top of my desktop that is a window to my entire working environment. Inside this window I could enter tasks or to-do items, set the status, view the due-date, and even attach files. When not needed, the box would be small enough to be unobtrusive, and it could also be minimized to the system tray.

Manager View

Now that my tasks or to-do items were entered, I envisioned my manager viewing the status of the entire team in a single window. They could see:

  • Tasks or to-do items for the entire team, color coded by priority, status, or project
  • Waiting indicators showing 'Who is Waiting on Whom', and for how long
  • Individual workload for each team member
  • The status of the entire team, in real time, summarized in a single window, kept up to date by the people working on the tasks!

So, finally I have a system that is entirely focused on status:

  • No longer does my manager and I both need to enter and track tasks or to-do items.
    Tasks or to-do items only need to be entered once, by me or my manager.

  • No longer do I need to email my manager when I am waiting on someone so I can complete my task.
    I just set a 'Waiting On You' flag and my manager and the other team member knows I am waiting. My manager can get involved if they are taking too long.

  • No longer do I need to forward requests from other managers who assign me items to do.
    I can create a new to-do item and set the priority to 'Request Priority' and wait for my manager to adjust my priorities.


Now that my data is stored on a server, how do I keep it secure?

In other lines of work, if data leaves my system, it is always compressed (zipped) and then encrypted with a password. So, to keep the data secure, I added advanced security where by the data is encrypted (using AES-256, the same as used in most zip software) with a password known only by you and those on your team. This password is not stored on the server, so in the event the server is hacked, the data is useless.

Now, I can finally use Simply Status®, it is simple, secure, and cheap.

  • Simple - Getting people to use it

A task management / to-do application only works if everyone on the team uses it. If it takes too long to login, or is slow to update, users will stop using it or not keep it up to date. If having your employee's log into a site at the end of the day to record their time is a challenge, then imagine the challenge of having them update their status several times a day.

Simply Status® is designed to present an unobtrusive interface on the desktop that is always available for users to access. A small box at the top of their screen is their window to their work environment. With its small size, users will not even notice it while work on other applications, but when they need to update their status, they are only a few clicks away from viewing the task / to-do information.

  • Secure - In Encryption We Trust

Every week there is a report about another data breach at a major corporation.

  • How do you know the information saved on our servers will not be used against you?
  • How do you know the server won't be hacked?
  • How do you know a curious database administrator won't browse the records for sensitive information?

So...who can you trust with your data? The answer is no-one.

Having worked with sensitive information for many years, there is one thing I trust: Encryption.

I would never send a file or store my data on someone's server unless I knew it was encrypted, and neither should you.

Simply Status® has server layers of encryption to ensure your data remains private.

  • All connections to our servers are encrypted using SSL / TLS 128bit encryption.
    • The application communicates over HTTPS.
    • Simply Status® does not support standard HTTP.
  • All user editable fields are stored encrypted (using AES-256 bit encryption) in our database, using a key known only to the server.
    • To protect against a curious database administrator (DBA), the actual row data is encrypted. It is not simply stored encrypted on the disk. As such, if a DBA (or hacker) were to export the data in the database, it is useless with out the key.
  • All teams are allowed to manage the encryption key for their team.
    • If enabled, team members enter the encryption password when they login and the data is encrypted twice before it leaves their system. First it is encrypted using the AES-256 bit encryption key they entered, and second using the SSL / TLS 128 bit transport encryption. It must be noted however, that if you enable this option and forget / loose your password, your data is lost. We are unable to decrypt the data since we do NOT store or cache the custom encryption keys on the server.
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